Tuesday , 21 January 2020

eye makeup for blue eyes

How Is Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes Applied?

eye makeup for blue eyes - 0 If you want to have gorgeous blue eyes and your eyes are blue, follow these suggestions for eye makeup for blue eyes. Gauze shadow games are too preferred by professionals for blue eyes. Celebrities choose sheer tones with one coat natural Brown or black mascara. Blue is such a calm and intense that you don’t need a ton of different eye shadows to bring out the color. Sheer shadows or even just applying some lighter colors will really make your blue eyes blow up. You can find the best shadow colors for your eye color.

Ladies with blue eyes can use a wide array of eye shadow colors to make beautiful their eyes. Some colors can really bring out or play up blue eyes better than others. Orange based shades are some of the best choices in eye shadow for eye makeup for blue eyes. Orange tones tones provide a contrast to blue eyes that really makes the color pop. If you are going out for a night, a small bit of shimmer and shine might be good idea. If you have blue eyes avoid the blue tones. They close down your beautiful eyes. Copper, peach, coral, bronze, rust, pink, violet, purple maybe dark night blue and black can be preferred.

For women have blue eyes that have a touch of green or hazel, teal shades can bring our that green tinge for a fresh look. But you must be careful not to overdo eye makeup for blue eyes - 1 these bright colors. You can use violet of your eyelids as well as on the lid in general. A lighter lavender above the eye lids will give you a more dramatic look for night and evening. More natural colors are ideal for daytime. For evening especially in summer nights, dark blue or black mascara looks fabulous on blue eyes, especially when paired with smudged dark black eye liner.

Cat eye or winged eye liner looks great with blue eyes. Choose a matte lipstick in a peachy brown shade or a pale pink. Bright or dark lip color will take the focus off your look. For your cheeks, add a light sweep of blush in a very natural tone. Eye makeup for blue eyes choices has a wide range option field. Prefer black shadow for a smoky eye look. If you want more dramatic evening look, mix black liner with a bright blue will give you a smoky effect.

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